Wood pellets /pellet di legno
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Wood pellets /pellet di legno

оптовая цена
175 - 188 /тонна, мин. 22 т
Условия поставки: DAP Неаполь
Ruslan Skyba
,  Малин, UA
на Флагма с 26 марта 2019


Forest Technology company would like to offer own production fuel pellets made of splint and sawdust softwood. The factory is located in Zhytomir region, Ukraine.
We are direct producer and exporter for below mentioned products.
Our high quality pellets are sold all over Europe in such countries as: Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Denmark, Austria etc.
Herewith, I would like to offer your company pinewood fuel pellets (class A1) with competitive prices, made of sawdust softwood pine with the following characteristics:
-Moisture ≤ 8%
- Calorific power ≤ 5.2KWh/kg,
-granulation diameter: 6mm
-ash content ≤ 0.5%
-bulk density 650kg/m3
Forest Technology company purchases unprocessed wooden logs while taking part only in legal state auctions. Our pellets are produced under strict requirements. No additives are allowed. The company prepares full package of shipping & approval documents by request of a customer. We have our own modern production lines, which allows us to proceed with full circle of wooden products processing

Номер объявления: 1757949   |  просмотров: 391  
,  Малин, UA
на Флагма с 26 марта 2019

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